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“In chess, as in life, opportunity strikes but once” – Bronstein

Chess is a classic strategy game which challenges the finest minds in the world.

Some interesting things about chess.

  1. Competiveness

The objective of a game of chess is to win. Chess involves a relentless struggle against one’s opponent. There is probably no sporting activity in which two people are locked in a competitive struggle of such intensity for such a sustained period of time. One lapse if concentration and suddenly a good position is transformed into a losing one. Each game is a drama in which the outcome is uncertain until the very end.

  1. Physical fitness

Peak mental condition requires being in good physical condition. DID YOU KNOW – Players need to concentrate totally for up to seven hours. As the stress and tension builds up, blood pressure, pulse and respiration rates all increase. Contenders for the word championships have nutritionists and fitness coaches.

  1. Behavior code

Players are penalished for poor sportsmanship e.g. for refusing to shake hands with their opponent. Potential cheating is taken seriously. Mobile phones are banned.

  1. Olympic recognition

Chess has been recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee since 2000.

  1. Global game

Chess is played around the world irrespective of age, race, gender, income or language or physical disabilities.

  1. Player ranking system

The player ranking system was developed for chess in 1960 and has been adopted by many other sports. By participating in tournaments you can strengthen your own ranking.

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